Thursday, November 3, 2011

How To Paint An Owl - Part 1

Recently I told you, that i've started a new e-course. It's called "How To Paint An Owl" and is from Juliette Crane. It's a five week long e-course and I'm now in week 2. In week 1 we made some backgrounds for the owls and in this week we started with the owls. I love this e-course, it is so much fun. And I'm looking so forward to the finished paintings. Below are some of my first attempts.

My first owl ever on canvas

This is my second one

This is my third background, but I don't know yet if I use it for an owl or something else, maybe a girl ?

At the end of the e-course, I will show you my finished paintings, so stay tuned :)

Have a great day!


Juliette Crane said...

it's so fun to see the start of your owls! i can't wait to see the evolution of these two and that other background too!

happy creating!

Robin Norgren said...

lovely work! Well done on taking the leap!

SandraH said...

Thanks for the comments. Maybe I should invest in some spray paints, I would love to try them. Because it looks like a lot of fun in the videos.